User Sessions

In addition to Working Sessions this year we are also introducing the concept of User Sessions, which will be very learning-based hands-on practically-driven sessions, so you leave with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to make immediate changes in your workplace.

We wanted to introduce User Sessions to this year’s event, as we believe that only by keeping your learning up to date and taking opportunities to try these new skills out for yourself in a safe environment, where it’s ok to fail - and fail fast - will you really be able to go back and implement the new knowledge you have acquired.

The Summit now includes these User Sessions, from working through Chaos Experiments to getting to grips with GDPR Patterns, from understanding how to use OWASP SAMM to using Pixi, we want to cover all the bases.

See also the planned Working Sessions.

Current User Sessions

Title Track Description
A seat at the table Keynotes Keynote by Adam
Adding CRS3 and Pixi to CircleCI pipeline DecSecOps Adding OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set 3 and Pixi to CircleCI pipeline
Creating Appsec metrics and visualisation DevSecOps AppSec Metrics and Visualisation
Creating Open Source Avatao exercises Misc
Creating Security Quizzes Security Quiz
Dark and Deep Web Threat Intelligence Source Understanding the Deep Web, the Dark Web, & How to Guard Your Network and Sharing knowledge on Dark and Deep web Open Source Intelligence
Hands on Chaos Experiments Chaos Engineering
Hands-on GDPR Patterns GDPR Using GDPR Patterns
IN Security movement - how to be involved Keynotes
Integrating Security Tools in the SDL using OWASP DevSecOps Studio DevSecOps Using DevSecOps studio to learn and teach Integrating security tools in the SDL
OwaspSAMM - Best Practices Owasp SAMM User session on how to use Owasp SAMM
Publishing apps in a VSTS security pipeline DecSecOps Beginner level session on DevSecOps and publishing to the Cloud
Running CTF Games with OWASP Juice Shop Misc Running / hosting CTF games with OWASP JuiceShop
SAMM Introduction Owasp SAMM Round table session with SAMM users
SAMM Introduction Owasp SAMM Introduction session on SAMM for people who want to know more about the project
Security Quiz Night (Mon) Security Quiz
Security Quiz Night (Thu) Security Quiz
Security Quiz Night (Tue) Security Quiz
Security Quiz Night (Wed) Security Quiz
Update Threat Modeling pages on owasp web site Threat Model Threat Modeling User Session
Using Neo4J to filter and review SAST findings
Using Pixi DecSecOps Owasp Devslop User Session
Using Threat Models for GDPR GDPR Hands on user session on how to use Threat Models in GDPR mappings
Using graphs for GDPR mappings and visualisations GDPR Hands on sessions of mapping GDPR data to graphs
Wardley Mapping – a practical session on how to use value chain mapping CISO Practical session on how to use value chain mapping.
Writing a Security Budget
Zap - How to use it User session to help ZAP users