OWASP Juice Shop Cocktail Party - Ask us anything ( AUA )

When:Mon WS-4
OrganizersBjoern Kimminich Bjoern Kimminich , Jannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach , Timo Pagel , Robert Seedorff Robert Seedorff

This social session combines BYOC with AUA! Members of the JuiceShop team will answer all your questions, listen to your ideas, praise and complaints! As a warm-up we will present the results of the ongoing 2020 user survey with graphs and diagrams as colorful as the participants’ cocktails!

Tip: There are no prerequisites for this session other than you should have at least of OWASP Juice Shop! The Bring Your Own Cocktail (BYOC) part is not mandatory to join, but it’s more fun it you actually do.

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