Juice Shop Hack'n'Code II

Track: OWASP Juice Shop
When: Tue Eve-1
Organizers Bjoern Kimminich Bjoern Kimminich
Participants Arpit Agrawal Arpit Agrawal , Jannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach


Develop new features and hacking challenges, beta-test those new challenges and improve the OWASP Juice Shop project across the board.


  • Builders work on functionality, bugfixes, new challenges, translations, documentation etc.
  • Breakers try to solve challenges, help fine-tune them and might even write some hints/solutions
  • Defenders use their own tools against the Juice Shop to see what they might miss and get ideas how to close gaps


This working session can result in e.g. * PRs being merged into the project’s repositories on GitHub * translations being improved on CrowdIn * the companion guide eBook being extended and improved



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