OWASP Collective Defence Cluster (CDC) - two years on

Track: CISO
When: Tue DS-2

This Working Session aims to continue the work done at the last Summit on this CDC model.


In the same way that countries use NATO Collective defence - Article 5 to:

create a unique and enduring principle that binds its members together, committing them to protect each other and setting a spirit of solidarity within the Alliance (http://www.nato.int/cps/cn/natohq/topics_110496.htm)

companies should share information, knowledge, and resources so that malicious activities are easily detected and mitigated.

The framework created at the Working Session will promote collaboration between companies and create a shared mission to protect customer data and company assets.


  • Review model created last year
  • Share experiences from companies that tried it


  • Create one page document with the statement supported by FAQ
  • Commitment for more companies to try it
  • Commitment to explore further integrations and collaboration workflows


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • CISOs


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