Scaling CyberSecurity teams using GenAIs and FMs

About this session

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, scaling teams to effectively counter evolving threats is a critical challenge. Ante Gulam and Dinis Cruz bring their extensive experience to the table in this compelling session. They will delve into how Generative AIs (GenAIs) and Frameworks (FMs) can be game-changers in scaling cybersecurity teams.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The cutting-edge role of GenAIs in cybersecurity.
  • Practical strategies to implement Frameworks for optimal team performance.
  • Insights from real-case scenarios demonstrating the impact of these technologies.

Speaker Profiles:

  • Ante Gulam: With 18+ years in the industry, Ante is a master in agile security programs and leading high-performing cybersecurity teams.

  • Dinis Cruz: Chief Scientist at Glasswall and Founder at The Cyber Boardroom, Dinis’s unique approach to cybersecurity has positioned him as a key innovator in the field.

Join us for an engaging and forward-thinking discussion on taking cybersecurity team scalability to the next level.