Cyber Security Vendor Procurement Model(Panel)

When (day):
18:00 - 19:00

About this session

In the rapidly evolving realm of cybersecurity, the process of vendor procurement is more critical than ever. Join us for an insightful session with Ante Gulam and Dinis Cruz as they unveil a transformative approach to cybersecurity vendor procurement.

This session will dive deep into innovative strategies for assessing, selecting, and collaborating with cybersecurity vendors. Understand the nuances of aligning vendor capabilities with organizational needs, navigating the complexities of procurement processes, and implementing cutting-edge solutions for optimal security postures.

Ante Gulam, with his extensive experience in IT procurement, and Dinis Cruz, a thought leader in cybersecurity, will share their expertise on:

Key factors to consider in the cybersecurity vendor selection process. Strategies for effective negotiation and collaboration with vendors. Balancing budget constraints with the need for robust cybersecurity measures. Case studies demonstrating successful vendor procurement and implementation. Join us for this session to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge that will empower your organization to make informed, strategic decisions in cybersecurity vendor procurement.