A call for Metrics

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About this session

We’re excited to invite you to a dynamic discussion featuring Benji, Lars, Timo, and yourself, focusing on the strategies for collecting and showcasing DevSecOps metrics effectively.

In this session, we will delve into two distinct perspectives. Timo advocates for a purely OpenSource approach, as exemplified by metricCA. On the other hand, Benji and Lars are inclined to leverage existing “as-a-service” solutions within his organization.

The crux of our discussion will be: Can we merge these approaches to avoid duplicating efforts in tool development for the same purpose? This talk promises to offer insightful viewpoints and foster a collaborative environment where we can explore the synergy between different methodologies in DevSecOps metrics.

Furthermore, we will present how to find valuable metrics and are interested in your experiences.


  • MetricaCA Architecture
  • OpenSource / Reusability Discussion
  • Metric Definition Process with Patching Example
  • Call for Your Metrics
  • Outlook

We look forward to an engaging and thought-provoking session with you.