Protect Your Application, Not Just the Network. Add Zero Trust Superpowers to Your Critical Applications and Systems

When (day):
18:00 - 19:00

About this session

A overview of zero trust, what it means to be application embedded zero trust and it will contain demo golang code for people to try out live if they desire.

“Applications are the new edge and zero trust is the security industry’s latest hot buzzword. The OpenZiti, open source project ( is a one-stop shop for building truly zero trust solutions. Stop trying to protect your network. Securing the network isn’t enough. Adding zero trust directly to your app is the future and the best way to keep your users safe.

OpenZiti not only provides the required zero trust overlay network but also provides numerous SDKs for use in your favorite language. Can’t go fully app-embedded? OpenZiti also provides clients for all major desktop/mobile operating systems.

In this session you will: • learn some core tenants of zero trust and how it’s different from current network security • see what it means to embed zero trust into your app and why it’s the future for application security • discover the superpowers your app gains by simply incorporating an OpenZiti SDK in your app”