In the moment nudges – What? How? Applying nudge theory to awareness

When (day):
16:00 - 17:00

About this session

What would it be like to be “there”, just when you were needed, to offer a tap on the shoulder and steer your colleagues in the right direction when they were about to do something risky? Click a link, plug in a USB, upload a file, give away their credentials…? This takes nudge theory to its logical conclusion – timely, in the moment and even measurable. In this talk, Tim will touch on why we should be looking at nudge theory, what makes a good nudge and why, how to run a campaign to steer behaviours, and the potential impact this approach can have. He will also offer some takeaways on how to apply nudge theory, behavioural and learning science to your own awareness campaigns as you build up towards real-time nudges.