The Truth about suffering a cyber-attack

When (day):
17:00 - 18:00

In this session we will focus on what really happens when your business suffers a cyberattack

Get an honest understanding of:

  • the reality of facing an outbreak
  • the impact on your staff
  • the harm to your business operations
  • the struggle to recovery
  • the damaging long term affects
  • The real-world costs to a business of falling victim to cyber-crime
  • Get an insight into where CISO’s and CTO’s fail, your weak spots and the hardest areas to protect.
  • We will also cover where cyber insurances help and where they can hinder.
  • Perfect for any business or tech leader with responsibility for, or doubts about, their organisation’s cyber security defences.

Spend this session with James Dell and have your eyes opened to the world of hurt that comes from a failure to protect your business.


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