Ideas for Graph DBs like Neo4j

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About this session

This session will focus on innovative uses cases for Graph Databases, with a special focus on Neo4j.

Here are the main topics for dicussion


Security specific

  • Using Graphs in Threat Models
  • Mapping out Cyber Threat Intelligence, for example using STIX
  • Using Graphs for Risk Management
  • Using GitHub Repos to hold Graph/Neo4J data
  • Using Graphs to map network architectures, DNS entries
  • Using Graphs to map Attack Trees and Real-World incidents
  • Using Graphs to map AWS IAMs relationships and usage

Graph Specific

  • The power of creating ‘search paths’ with Edges
  • Why Jira + Elastic are a very powerful ‘Graph DB’
  • Why being able to edit the nodes is so important
  • Lightweight and Serverless Graph Dbs
  • Graph algorithms
  • Graph ML

Neo4J specific

  • How Neo4J compares with Jira (when Jira is used as a Graph DB)
  • Javascript APIs to visualise Neo4J data
  • Using Neo4j with Hugo (and static generated sites)
  • The power of screenshots of Neo4j visualisations
  • Using Neo4J DBs as Cattle (vs Pets)

Good resources on using Neo4j in Cyber Security