Tune your Toolbox for Velocity and Value (SCA)

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14:00 - 15:00

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About this session

Whether they have a mature Secure Development program or not, a substantial proportion of organizations will be using Application Security scanning tools to try and improve their overall security posture.

However, far more important than the tool itself are the processes around it and the ability to get useful, high signal information from the tool.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) describes a family of tools that provide a Software Bill of Materials and information on risks from 3rd party software.

In this session, I will do a vendor-agnostic deep dive on SCA covering topics including the following:

  • How these tools work under the surface, what features they may offer and how to evaluate them.
  • How to generate effective KPIs and reporting from the output.
  • How to optimize your use of the tool and integrate into existing processes.
  • How to assess, triage and prioritize remediation based on the results.

Attendees should leave with a greater appreciation for the subtleties of this tool type as well as actionable ideas they can use to improve their internal processes.