How do male and female voices project authority in Cyber

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About this session

  • This discussion will aim to explore authority issues connected to men/women in cyber particularly during the onboarding process and regarding retention. We will aim to explore:
  • who people in cyber look to as authority figures in cyber today
  • examine whether there may be any pre-programmed biases in the sector in prioritising male authority figures;
  • how this is reflected in sector-specific literature - the citation and reference to female voices,
  • whether there is a relationship between these ideas around authority and the confidence/competence debate,
  • how this dichotomy in turn impacts communication between female hires and their managers during the recruitment process,
  • how women feel being managed by other women as well as by men,
  • whether/how these ideas and dynamics work differently in new start-up business models than in established business hierarchies.