Security-Scan your production images

When (day):
17:00 - 18:00

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About this session

The ClusterScanner detects images in Kubernetes clusters and provides fast feedback based on security scans.

It is recommended to run the Cluster Scanner in production environments.

As a developer, the ClusterScanner works out of the box.

As a system operator, I just have to add the Cluster Scanner in my deployment configuration, for example Argo CD. The benefit is to get feedback on what is in production and not what should be in production. For example, due to waiting for approval or due to a failing build.

The ClusterScanner has been presented at the Open Security Summit, already. This time, we will see it in action and discover more use cases together.

This talk will give insights into

  • The use cases,
  • the different scans
  • the architecture and requirements,
  • a live demo

The ClusterScanner is OpenSource.

Discover vulnerabilities and container image misconfiguration in production environments.