OWASP DSOMM Enhancement Workshop

When (day):
18:30 - 20:30

About this session

This is a hands-on workshop, your experience is very welcome.

In this workshop we will think in small groups and present outcomes regarding questions like

  • Introduction of more activities like Web Application Firewalls (your experience is needed here)
  • Comparation of OWASP DSOMM with DevSecOps Maturity Model - A Team centric view - Public Request for comments, specially security empowerment and take aways
  • Discussion of priorization of one dimension (maybe voted by the audiance)
  • Enhancement of maturity levels (e.g. 5 instead of 4) to provide a better priorization
  • Mapping to other models like Gartner DevSecOps model/loop and expected outcome/value
  • Gathering of requirements for the application

Please do not hesitate to bring your own questions.


In case you are not familar with OWASP DSOMM, please participate in the Introduction or watch an already recoreded introduction.