GitHub Actions & code scanning with CodeQL

When (day):
9th - Tuesday
15:00 - 16:00
Zoom link will be available very soon

Session Video

Notable logs from the chat during the session

13:50:12 From Sasha Rosenbaum :
14:15:08 From Didar Gelici :
14:15:53 From Sasha Rosenbaum :
14:16:00 From Sasha Rosenbaum :
14:18:37 From Didar Gelici : Node.js on the right
14:19:32 From Name : I have question, I’m familier with cross-platform app development. What are the cases where to use it? What type of app you mean? (about the work flow thingy)
14:20:19 From Björn Kimminich : Can you choose between X86 and ARM architectures in the matrix as well?
14:26:37 From Name : It’s like you working with containers, right?
14:26:43 From Name : you are*
14:27:13 From Name : when you configure .yml files?
14:30:45 From Name : Does it support Linux From Scratch (building custom linux distro)?
14:42:17 From Michele Chubirka : How do you integrate output into a binary repository?
14:42:20 From Michele Chubirka : like ARtifactory?
14:42:32 From Michele Chubirka : Or the docker container into a registry
14:42:55 From Michele Chubirka : I guess the same
14:45:16 From Name : Regarding Authentication, what if I’m using MFA?
14:47:00 From Björn Kimminich : You can just use an access token. Works like an app password which is not using MFA. 14:48:23 From Didar Gelici :
14:49:18 From jaxley : Are actions available on GitHub enterprise?
14:57:34 From Ashish : Is it possible to share a workflow between multiple projects?
14:58:47 From Ashish : In a way that i do not have a duplicate workflow rather a common one that each project can use. something along the lines of Jenkins ‘shared pipeline library’
15:07:32 From Michele Chubirka : Does CodeQL integrate the SAST partner tools?
15:07:55 From Michele Chubirka : do you need CodeQL to integrate SAST testing into Github?
15:08:43 From Michele Chubirka : Yes, it’s SEMMLE
15:09:00 From Michele Chubirka : I’m familiar
15:09:14 From Michele Chubirka : But trying to figure out if that’s required for the SAST integration
15:16:50 From Yazid Boukerroui : Was the scan conducted on the code delta only, or was it the entire project that was scanned? 15:18:05 From Yazid Boukerroui : Can I create my own queries with beta, or is that only for future Github Enterprise? 15:20:30 From Avi Douglen : hypothetically can I build my own support for another (or custom) language? how complicated would that be?
15:20:57 From Yazid Boukerroui : What languages are on the current roadmap for CodeQL?
15:53:14 From Avi Douglen : can CodeQL only be used on public repos?
16:00:20 From Sasha Rosenbaum : Workshop repository (JavaScript, Java)
Workshop recording (JavaScript, Java)
CodeQL CTF (current and past CTFs accessible)
CodeQL free course
Contributing a query \
16:01:59 From Yazid Boukerroui : Are you guys using all the 1700 open source queries?
16:02:09 From Yazid Boukerroui : For the public github
16:03:50 From jaxley : Did OWASP SAST benchmark run to get CodeQL metrics?

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