Dependency scanning lab

When (day):
11th - Thursday
10:30 - 12:00
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Notable logs from the chat during the session

11:45:20 From John : do all tools also check for dependencies that have been directly checked in - ie not in a package manifest (a problem with large old codebases)
12:00:50 From Imran Mohammed :
12:01:41 From N/A : Imran, one problem I have is Time. If I put all this tools on the pipeline I would have a developers rebelion on the company xD
We spent alot of time reducing the time a pipeline runs, how can we add security tools to the pipeline without increasing pipeline running times
12:05:20 From Jing : Hi Imran, which OAST tool can we use for .net and C++?
12:06:58 From Raghav Rao : Flawfinder can be used for C++
12:07:57 From Raghav Rao : —> .Net
12:11:06 From Didar Gelici : OWASP DevSlop project :
12:11:36 From Didar Gelici : Their meet-up page:
12:12:10 From Didar Gelici : and their youtube:
12:13:20 From Franziska : And:
12:19:39 From Manav : hey Imran, I didn’t provide any input file for retire, how does it know what’s the input file
12:23:44 From Manav : I remember when I integrated dependency it downloaded NVD db
12:24:20 From Manav : does retire does kind of same? or does it check in the fly making outbound internet connections?
12:27:11 From N/A : Imran, I saw you are running tools like, nmap and nikto before deploying.
You are running those tools against a staging/dev server? Before deploying?
12:28:41 From N/A : So, some tools like retirejs are run before a deploy and nmap/nikto are run after deploying?
12:28:58 From Manav : when we run SAST.. with tools like checkmarks or Fortify.. I guess the library files aren’t included right? 12:29:27 From Didar Gelici :
12:29:36 From Imran Mohammed :
12:51:13 From Imran Mohammed :
12:53:15 From N/A : Imran, where should we install the tools (retirees, niko, etc) in the machine that runs the runner?
12:58:11 From Manav : we should ask for root account.. never problem with permission ;)

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Lab attendance is first come first served for 30 people due to platform restrictions. Later participants can still join and watch as a demo.

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