Introduction to Wardley Mapping by Goher Mohammad

When (day):
2nd - Tuesday
15:00 - 16:00
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Notable logs from the chat during the session

14:19:19 From Wallaby Curtis : In relation to amount of usage?
14:21:57 From Michele Chubirka : Yes, finally someone can explain Wardley maps
14:35:12 From Tomas Pilvelis : why is power not at the top, reason I say is because surely without something like power being key to tea is it not higher in the value axis?
14:37:20 From Luke Robbertse : Anchor is at the top. Anchor being the item under review in map. Then you read the map top down. In this case being ‘cup of tea’ is the item being broken down?
14:56:15 From Wallaby Curtis : Someone has sound on.
14:56:28 From Luke Robbertse : can you mute youself please Goher
14:56:48 From Robert Castle : you have to play it through the mic, or we wont get the sound
14:59:53 From Alona Reyes :
15:13:12 From Wallaby Curtis :
15:14:05 From Sebastian Birch :
15:15:00 From Luke Robbertse :
15:15:51 From Darryl Hughes :
15:22:28 From Wallaby Curtis : free range
15:27:44 From Dinis Cruz :
15:40:11 From Wallaby Curtis : idea: levels of zoom based on headers (headers of sections)
15:40:49 From Michael Hidalgo (Costa Rica) : That’s quite interesting, because its quite simple to see how the process has improved! 15:45:14 From Luke Robbertse : Thank you so much for the session Goher! Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Apologies I have to jump off now! See you all again soon!
15:59:07 From Dinis Cruz :

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