James Dell

Associate Director and Head of Technical Architecture, Planet IT

✅ MEET JAMES 👉 I am a solutions-orientated technical professional, with a proven track record in the design and implementation of robust IT infrastructure solutions. I lead a team of specialist Technical Architects to deliver the best possible solutions to all our customers, regardless of the challenges they need to overcome. As an IT veteran for over 15 years, I have had the privilege of being a speaker at many events discussing my thoughts on the tectonic shifts in the IT landscape as well as my hopes and dreams for how IT can build a better future for all.

✅ WHY I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT I.T. 👉 Having worked in industries from Education, Healthcare, Managed IT Services to retail, I understand the impact that IT systems can have on a business. Because of this, my drive became to save businesses from poor IT systems and services. I have continued to do this with every business I worked in and now with every business, I work with. Not only does my team offer the best solutions to our customers every time, but our goal is also to break the barriers that IT can place on a business being successful.

✅ HOW I CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS 👉 With a keen eye for detail and experience across the IT space, I have had the privilege of being exposed to both internal and external IT projects. I continue to learn and develop an understanding of how to architect, design, project manage and implement a successful change. This is what I can bring to the table for your business, working with our vendor partner network we can overcome any business challenge you have and design a solution for you that comes in on budget, on time and delivers the change you need.

✅ WHY WORK WITH PLANET IT? 👉 We believe in great service every time, this is personified in the way we deliver IT projects and IT Support. At Planet IT, we put our customers first and work as one team to deliver change above and beyond expectations. With services ranging from Fully Managed IT Support, 4th Line Support, Security and Backup up as a service through to Professional Services, Consultancy, and procurement, we are your one-stop-shop for all your IT needs.

✅ CONTACT 👉 Message me on LinkedIn, call 07557 300489 or email james.dell@planet-it.net

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