Dinis Cruz

CTO and CISO, Glasswall

Dinis Cruz is a CISO and Transformation Agent, focused on creating teams and environments where security is an enabler and accelerator for the business, while securing and protecting the digital assets from existing threats. Dinis was nominated for CISO of the Year 2019 at #CyberSecurityAwards

Dinis is also writing a book called Generation Z Developers (but useful for all Generations) available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gen-Developers-concepts-generation-developers/dp/1724194607

For more details see Dinis CV (done as a presentation)

All Dinis Cruz's sessions

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Panel - Prioritizing Risks and Vulnerabilities based on ContextRisk and Governance2021Nov
Positive Security models and Rebuilding into a "Known Good" stateCDR2021May
Refresher on Security LabelsSecurity Labels2020Nov
Scaling Kubernetes - One Pod per fileDevSecOps2021Jun
Scaling Threat Models visualisations using PlantUML and VisJSDevSecOps2020Dec
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Threat Modeling for Schrems IIThreat Modeling2020Nov
Threat Modeling Glasswall Cloud SDKThreat Modeling2021May
Threat Modeling Glasswall DesktopThreat Modeling2020Dec
Threat Modeling Glasswall Folder-to-Folder PluginThreat Modeling2021May
Threat Modeling Using Glamorous ToolkitThreat Modeling2021May
Using Elastic and Kibana for Scale and Security VisualisationDevSecOps2021Nov
Using Kubernetes to create a scalable Security Proxy solutionDevSecOps2020Oct
Virtual PubMiscellenous2020Oct
Workshop on creating C# Tools using the Owasp O2 Platform2021May

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