Dinis Cruz

CTO and CISO, Glasswall

Dinis Cruz is the CTO and CISO of Glasswall and brings a unique blend of Security and Engineering expertise with 20+ years experience in Cyber Security and Software Development. Dinis is focused on creating teams and environments where engineering and security are enablers and accelerators for the business, with a big focus on the productisation and commercialisation of advanced technologies.

Dinis was nominated for CISO of the Year 2019 at #CyberSecurityAwards, and was highlighed as one of the 10 Best CSOs of 2020 by Industry Era

Dinis is also writing a book called Generation Z Developers (but useful for all Generations) available at Amazon

For more details see Dinis’ CV (done as a presentation)

All Dinis Cruz's sessions

AMA with Jeremiah GrossmanDevSecOps2021Jan
AMA with Jim ManicoDevSecOps2021Jan
AMA with Mark CurpheyGovernance2022Sep
AMA with OWASP Board2021Jan
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ChatGPT for Security Teams - What & HowChatGPT2023Jun
ChatGPT impact on Cyber and Application Security (Panel)2023Apr
ChatGPT: Cyber Risks & How to Harden Against ThemChatGPT2023Apr
CISO Role in 2023 (Panel)Governance2023Feb
CISO Roundtable - Mar 2022Governance2022Mar
Cloud Security Best Practices: Navigating the Evolving Landscape (Panel)Cloud Security2024Feb
Cloud-Native Security Tools: Enhancing Cloud Protection Capabilities(Panel)DevSecOps2023Oct
Conducting effective Table Top Exercises for Cyber Incident Response Practise (Panel)Governance2023Apr
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Covid Safe Paths - Threat Modeling Part 2Covid
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Creating the GenAI Athena Bot from the theCyberboardroom.comDevSecOps2023Oct
Crowdsourcing Security TalentGovernance2022Dec
Cyber Insurance - a deeper approachGovernance2022Dec
Data CultureWardley Maps2022Sep
Developing Secure Multi-Cloud Kubernetes ApplicationsKubernetes2021Nov
DevSecOps for Modern Identity and Access ManagementDevSecOps2022Sep
Emerging Roles in Cybersecurity: Adapting Recruitment Strategies(Panel)Governance2023Dec
Ethical Hacking Challenges: Evaluating Practical Skills in Selection Processes (PanelGovernance2024Feb
Finding and Hiring Security Talent (Panel)2023Feb
For bugs start with a passing test (and 99% code coverage)Owasp2021May
GitHub Security Tools (Panel)2023Feb
GitLab Security Tools (Panel)2023Dec
Hacking Glasswall SDk & Cloud - Part 2Hacking and Defending
How can we make Grafana a great open source security tool?DevSecOps2022May
How GenAI Agents will Dramatically Change our IndustryDevSecOps2023Oct
How Owasp can help Security Teams - DevSecOpsOwasp2020Dec
How Owasp can help Security Teams - DevSecOps2021Jan
How Owasp can help Security Teams - Guides and Testing ToolsOwasp2020Dec
How Owasp can help Security Teams - Guides and Testing Tools2021Jan
How to become a cyber security professional? (i.e. where to start?)Education and Training2022Sep
Ideas for Graph DBs like Neo4jGovernance2022Mar
Incident Response Playbooks (Panel)2023Feb
Incident Scenario ExerciseCISO and Risk Management
IoT and Cyber Threat Intelligence: Staying Ahead of the Curve (Panel)DevSecOps2024Feb
IoT Security: Safeguarding the Internet of Things Ecosystem (panel)Governance2024Sep
Jim and Dinis Talk AppsecDevSecOps2022May
Jira Schemas and Workflows for AppSec and Risk ManagementGovernance2022Jan
Kubernetes Clusters Network Security2023Oct
Learn Threat Modeling using the amazing OSS resourcesThreat Modeling2021Nov
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Recruitment(Panel)Governance2024Feb
Living off the Land & Fileless Attacks - Move Beyond the "Known Bad"DevSecOps2022Dec
Machine Learning in SemGrep: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Static Analysis(Panel)SemGrep2023Dec
Mapping Threat Intelligence: Enhancing Situational Awareness (Panel)Governance2023Oct
Mentoring and it's challenges in Cyber SecurityGovernance2022Jul
Modern Office SpacesGovernance2021Apr
Moldable development with Glamorous Toolkit Part 12021Mar
Moldable development with Glamorous Toolkit Part 22021Mar
Moldable development with Glamorous Toolkit Part 32021Mar
New OSS ProjectsMisc2021Sep
OISRU - Open Information Security Risk Universe (Panel)Governance2023Feb
Open Security Summit Awards and plans for 20232023Dec
Open Security Summit Membership Awards2022Jan
OSS - Celebrating the Community and plans for 20222021Nov
OSS DevSecOps projetDevSecOps2021Sep
OSS Semgrep projectSemgrep2021Sep
OSS Threat Modeling and Moldable Development ProjectsThreat Modeling2021Sep
Owasp O2 Platform tools you can use today2021Apr
OWASP Security Bot - Hypercharge your Cloud AutomationOWASP2022Jan
Panel - Prioritizing Risks and Vulnerabilities based on ContextRisk and Governance2021Nov
Panel - Wardley Maps in Cyber Security2023Feb
Positive Security models and Rebuilding into a "Known Good" stateCDR2021May
Privacy-The Challenges in Post Tornado Cash WorldDevSecOps2022Dec
Quantifying Usability In Security Designs and Risk AssessmentsGovernance2022Dec
Ransomware Resilience: Strategies for Prevention and Recovery (Panel)DevSecOps2024Feb
Ransomware Resilience: Strategies for Prevention and Recovery(panel)Governance2024Sep
Refresher on Security LabelsSecurity Labels2020Nov
Reporting responsibilities for CISOsGovernance2024Sep
Rise of Automotive Attacks (Panel Discussion)Governance2023Jun
Risk Acceptance and OISRU (Panel)Risk and Governance2023Dec
Risk treatment planning in modern tech space (Panel)Governance2023Apr
Scaling CyberSecurity teams using GenAIs and FMsGovernance2024Jun
Scaling Kubernetes - One Pod per fileDevSecOps2021Jun
Scaling Threat Models visualisations using PlantUML and VisJSDevSecOps2020Dec
Schrems II - Finding workable solutionsSchrems II2020Dec
Schrems II - Finding workable solutionsSchrems II2021Jan
Security business enabler: How to align your security program to business goalsGovernance2022Dec
Security Champions - Sharing ExperiencesGovernance2022May
Security Labels & Schrems IISecurity Labels2020Nov
Security Vendors - Operating Model2023Apr
SemGrep in the CI/CD Pipeline: Automating Code Quality and Security Checks (Panel)Semgrep2023Dec
Shift-Right Security: Emphasizing Post-Deployment Monitoring and Response (Panel)DevSecOps2023Oct
SOAR - Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (Panel)DevSecOps2023Feb
Social Engineering Attacks: Strengthening Human Firewall(Panel)Secure by Scenario2023Dec
Successes and Failures at Security TrainingGovernance2022Sep
Supply Chain Security: Strengthening Resilience Against Third-Party Risks(panel)Governance2024Jun
Testing Ephemeral Kubernetes ApplicationsDevSecOps2021Jun
The Business case for Security ChampionsGovernance2022Mar
The Challenges With DNS SecurityGovernance2022Feb
The Cybersecurity Talent Gap: Addressing the Growing Skills Shortage(Panel)Governance2023Oct
The value of CTO/CISOs and how to make it workGovernance2022Jul
Threat Hunting and Detection Strategies: Proactive Defense in Action (panel)Threat Modeling2024Jun
Threat Modeling - Cloud Functions as Detonation Chambers - Part 1Hacking and Defending
Threat Modeling - ICAPThreat Modeling
Threat Modeling for Schrems IIThreat Modeling2020Nov
Threat Modeling for Serverless Architectures: Identifying Risks in a Serverless World (Panel)Threat Modeling2023Oct
Threat Modeling Glasswall Cloud SDKThreat Modeling2021May
Threat Modeling Glasswall DesktopThreat Modeling2020Dec
Threat Modeling Glasswall Folder-to-Folder PluginThreat Modeling2021May
Threat Modeling IntroductionThreat Modeling
Threat Modeling using GenAI and Bots (panel)Threat Modeling2024Sep
Threat Modeling Using Glamorous ToolkitThreat Modeling2021May
Threat Modelling Adoption in Disciplines Other Than DevelopmentThreat Modeling2022Sep
Threat Models and Wardley MapsThreat Modeling2022Mar
Using DataDog for Incident Response (Panel)2023Feb
Using Elastic and Kibana for Scale and Security VisualisationDevSecOps2021Nov
Using Elastic for Incident Response (Panel)2023Feb
Using Kubernetes to create a scalable Security Proxy solutionDevSecOps2020Oct
Using Presentations instead of CVs and Creating Diverse Security TeamsGovernance2022Mar
Using Splunk for Incident Response (Panel)DevSecOps2023Dec
Virtual PubMiscellenous2020Oct
Wardley Maps introductionWardley Maps
What are ISGs and how to convert ISGs into checklists?ISG
Why Wardley Maps changed how I thinkWardley Maps2022Jul
Workshop on creating C# Tools using the Owasp O2 Platform2021May
Zero Trust Architecture: Strengthening Cloud Security Posture (Panel)Governance2023Oct

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