Felipe Zipitria


Felipe is a Msc. in Computer Security from University of the Republic (Uruguay). He has been working as a DevOps / System Administrator for 20 years, and as a Security Consultant for 10+ years. He has been teaching Computer Security Fundamentals to pregraduate students and Web Application Security for postgraduates at the local public University.

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Felipe Zipitria Daily Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:30 - 12:30
Application Security Verification Standard
314 - Owasp Projects villa
Integrating Security Tools in the SDL
Maulden room
13:30 - 15:00
DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM)
Maulden room
15:30 - 16:30
16:30 - 17:30
Using graphs for GDPR mappings and visualisations
Real world Chaos Engineering
Pedley room

Participating sessions details

Title Description type When Time Acting as
Application Security Verification Standard Session on ASVS working-session Wed AM-1 participant
DevSecOps Sessions focusing on the DevSecOps tools and techniques to embed security as part of CI/CD pipelines track participant
DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM) DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM) working-session Tue PM-1,PM-2,PM-3 participant
GDPR Appropriate Security Controls
Real world Chaos Engineering An exploration and working session to characterise, explore and implement real-world DevSecOps chaos experiments. working-session Fri PM-3 participant
Hands on Chaos Experiments
Hands-on GDPR Patterns
Using graphs for GDPR mappings and visualisations Hands on sessions of mapping GDPR data to graphs user-session Thu PM-3 participant
Integrating Security Tools in the SDL Integrate security tools as part of CI/CD pipeline to find/fix issues early in SDL working-session Thu AM-1, PM-1 participant
Creating a Steady-State Hypothesis
Customising the Chaos Toolkit
Akamai WAF & Ruleset
AWS WAF for DDoS Mitigation
Adding CRS3 and Pixi to CircleCI pipeline

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