Jonathan Marcil

Application Security Engineer, Twitch

Threat Modeling Enthusiast. The guy behind the OWASPGLOBAL YouTube Channel.

Participating sessions details

Title Description type When Time Acting as
OWASP Media Project Update project docs and plan the next phase of OWASP Media Project working-session Wed Eve-1 organiser
OWASP community-docs Documents related to community outreach promoting OWASP content working-session Tue Eve-1 organiser
Threat Model Cookbook Project (Part 1) Kick off of the OWASP Threat Model Cookbook Project working-session Tue PM-3 organiser
Threat Model Cookbook Project (Part 2) Let's add some threat models to the project! working-session Wed PM-3 organiser
TM track introduction Introduction of the TM track and way of working for this week working-session Mon PM-1 participant
Creating a generic diagram of a threat model Creating a generic diagram of a threat model working-session Tue PM-1 participant
TM maturity How do we measure the maturity of TM working-session Tue PM-2 participant
Automated Threat Hunting Project Collaboration
Threat pattern libraries Starting the threat model threat model library project working-session Wed PM-2 participant
Track closure Track closure working-session Thu PM-3 participant

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