Different session types (keynote, working, user, product)

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Working Sessions

Working Sessions focus on creating and evolving ideas to create outcomes that will have an impact in the real world. They are a great way to join a group of practitioners to share expertise and knowledge on a particular subject.

Find more details on the current Working Sessions

User Sessions

User Sessions are much more practical sessions, which will enable you to learn new skills or develop existing ones. They are also an opportunity to test out the outcomes of some of the Working Sessions. These are a presentation-free environment, driven by practitioners working with users.

Find more details on the current User Sessions

These sessions are designed to provide an environment to share real-world insights about these products, to learn more about how to use them and to engage directly with the vendor.

Vendors are key players in the Security landscape and these sessions (all happening during the Evening) allow customers and potential customers to interact directly with the knowledgeable vendor’s SMEs. Find more details on the current Product Sessions


Keynote establishes the framework for the programme of the summit. The keynotes speaker at the summit includes the central subjects in their speech, giving an overview of the spirit in which the summit will be realized.


Content has not been finalized yet. Some of the required content is already available, but further details will be added. The session description is not fully ready. Further updates are expected.

Roles and Expectations

An organizer leads a sessions, a practitioner gives strong support by sharing valuable experience and a participant receive great value from the session’s outcomes.

Why Create a Session?

We would like to hear from you about your challenges, passions and interests. You can define a session which would cover the topic and subjects that you are interested in.

Choose the appropriate session type (working or user), describe the session (write content), define expected outcomes and be an evangelist of the session you created thus you will recruit attendees (other persons who are interested in the same subjects).