Black Lives Matter

Black Lives MATTER

The Open Security Summit stands with members of our community and others worldwide in demanding equality for all humankind.

The recent events and the associated demonstrations throughout the world are just the most recent examples of hateful violence aimed at the diverse communities of the world.

We cannot stand by without expressing our support for freedom of speech, privacy, health, life, liberty and security.

As a CIC (Community Interest Company), we stand for human rights and we cannot accept the systemic racism that has led to the horrific unfolding of events being protested world-wide.

As a global organization, The Open Security Summit is the embodiment of diversity.

Not only are we a community that collaborates with people from all walks of life, all over the world, but we have also acknowledged and, in our own way, worked to address racial and gender disparity within the field of Software Security.

At every summit we dedicate significant resources in reaching out to diverse audiences and invite them to the Summit (and providing support like sponsored tickets)

The Open Security Summit believes in transparency and the ability to communicate and document safely and securely.

The world and technology continue to change, and the ability to access digital communication and evidence is crucial to the tenets of a just world.

These tools and abilities were and continue to be crucial in exposing acts of violence.

While our voice and actions might seem small in noise, be assured that the Open Security Summit continues to endeavor to right race and gender wrongs.

How are we trying to help

  1. Created this page and linked it from the home page
  2. Sent message on Slack Channel about it
  3. Added a couple items to our merchandise store about BLM with all profits donated to a BLM charity
  1. On every session we re-enforce this message of diversity and respect