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#zoom hosttitlewhen daywhen timeorganisershey summitzoom idslide viewslide edityoutube
1Alona ReyesThreatmodel tool demos - Thursday PMThu14:00 - 16:00Steven Wierckx , Stuart Winter-Tear , Alex Bauert , Nikunj Nagaliamissing
2Alona ReyesThreatmodel tool demos-ThursdayThu11:00 - 13:00Steven Wierckx , Stephen De Vriesmissing
3Alona ReyesWardley mapping dynamic sessionThu17:00 - 19:00Avi Douglen , Mario PLattmissing
4Didar GeliciKeynote - Privacy by design at Covid Safe Paths AppThu10:30 - 11:00Adam Leon Smithmissingmissingmissing
5Didar GeliciCOVID Apps Threat ModelingThu20:00 - 22:00Jakub Kaluznymissingmissingmissing
6Didar GeliciMulti-cloud Compliance as codeThu14:00 - 16:00David Princemissingmissingmissing
7Didar GeliciMigration to CloudThu11:00 - 13:00David Princemissingmissingmissing
8Dinis CruzBakeoff - Anti-virus vs CDR vs SandboxingThu20:00 - 22:00Paul Burkemissingmissingmissing
9Dinis CruzCreate common sets of files for CDR Testing and QAThu17:00 - 19:00Matt Green , Greg Mannmissingmissingmissing
10Dinis CruzSecurity Labels for Covid AppsThu11:00 - 13:00Adam Leon Smith , Dinis Cruzmissing
11Dinis CruzCDR Roundtable How to collaborate and increase adoptionThu14:00 - 16:00Dinis Cruzmissing
12Tatevik StepanyanRisk & Error BudgetingThu20:00 - 22:00Omer Levi Hevroni , Phil Huggins , Aaron Rinehartmissingmissingmissing
13Tatevik StepanyanNCSC - Exercise in a boxThu11:00 - 13:00Steve O , Peter G , Joshua Hmissingmissingmissingmissing
14Tatevik StepanyanOpen Information Security Risk Universe (OISRU)Thu14:00 - 16:00Phil Huggins , Robin Oldham , Petra Vukmirovicmissingmissingmissing
15Wallaby CurtisOpen control frameworks in Media and EntertainmentThu15:00 - 16:00Ben Schofieldmissingmissingmissing
16Wallaby CurtisLightning Talk - Startups: Security vs speed vs revenue, when all 3 are a priority!Thu19:40 - 20:00Haydn Brooksmissingmissingmissing


#zoom hosttitlewhen daywhen timeorganisershey summitzoom idslide viewslide edityoutube
1Alona ReyesSense making with Cynefin frameworkFri17:00 - 19:00Mario Platt , Phil Hugginsmissingmissingmissing
2Alona ReyesWhat OWASP tools/projects we already have and what are we missing to deliver secure devops pipelinesFri14:00 - 16:00Daniel Cuthbert , Andrew van der Stockmissing
3Alona ReyesSecure it at the source, frameworks and how to get them more secureFri11:00 - 13:00Andrew van der Stockmissing
4Didar Gelici9:45 PM - OSS Closing Keynote at a virtual pub settingFri21:45 - 23:00Open Security Summitmissingmissingmissing
5Didar GeliciPost-mortem of the incident exerciseFri14:00 - 16:00Dinis Cruz , Didar Gelici , Tony Richards , James Bore , Ben Schofieldmissingmissingmissing
6Didar GeliciSecurity Automation with Python Boto3 for AWS and PulumiFri20:00 - 22:00Petra Vukmirovic , Tomas Pilvelismissingmissingmissing
7Didar GeliciOSS user stories for all ASVS requirements that people can download and useFri11:00 - 13:00Mario Plattmissing
8Open Security SummitKeynote - Jane Frankland InSecurityFri10:30 - 11:00Jane Franklandmissingmissingmissing
9Tatevik StepanyanUsing OWASP at Covid Safe PathsFri17:00 - 19:00Dinis Cruz , Adam Leon Smithmissing
10Tatevik StepanyanExperience LeanInAgileFri20:00 - 22:00Leila Raomissingmissingmissing
11WallabyLightning Talk - DevSecOpsFri13:40 - 14:00Imran A. Mohammedmissingmissingmissing