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1OWASP Juice Shop Cocktail Party - Ask us anything ( AUA )Mon20:00 - 22:00OWASP Juice Shop OWASP Juice ShopBjoern Kimminich , Jannik Hollenbach , Timo Pagelbkimminich @bkimminich @j12934create tweet
2OWASP Juice Shop Deep Dive - IntegrationMon14:00 - 16:00OWASP Juice Shop OWASP Juice ShopBjoern Kimminichbkimminich@bkimminichcreate tweet
3OWASP Juice Shop Deep Dive - ThemingMon11:00 - 13:00OWASP Juice Shop OWASP Juice ShopBjoern Kimminichbkimminich@bkimminichcreate tweet
4Threat Personas and Application Vulnerability Scoring ModelMon11:00 - 13:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementRobin Oldham , Phil Hugginsrobinoldham huggins@rto @oracukcreate tweet
5Beating the 1:100 Odds - Team Topologies for SecurityMon14:00 - 16:00DevSecOps DevSecOpsManuel Pais , Mario Plattmanuelpais marioplatt@manupaisable @madplattcreate tweet
6Strategy Development - applying the concepts (Wardley Maps)Mon17:00 - 19:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsSimon Wardley , Mario Plattsimonwardley marioplatt@swardley @madplattcreate tweet
7Threat Mapping (using Maps in Cyber Security)Mon20:00 - 22:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsSimon Wardley , Petra Vukmirovic , Dinis Cruzsimonwardley petravukmirovic diniscruz@swardley @PetraVuk1311 @DinisCruzcreate tweet
8Wardley Mapping Covid Safe Paths AppMon14:00 - 16:00Covid CovidSimon Wardley , Dinis Cruz , Adam Leon Smithsimonwardley diniscruz adamleonsmith@swardley @DinisCruz @adamleonsmithcreate tweet
9Keynote - Open Security Summit 2020Mon10:30 - 11:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementOpen Security Summitcreate tweet
10Lightning Talk - Why your corporate IT needs to look a lot more like consumer ITMon13:40 - 14:00Lightning Talks Lightning TalksJames Duncanjamesaduncan@jamesaduncancreate tweet
11OWASP Juice Shop Deep Dive - MultiJuicerMon17:00 - 19:00OWASP Juice Shop OWASP Juice ShopJannik Hollenbach , Robert Seedorffrobert-seedorff@j12934 @r_seedorffcreate tweet
12Wardley Maps Introduction by Simon WardleyMon11:00 - 13:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsSimon Wardleysimonwardley@swardleycreate tweet


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1Making the business case for DevSecOps (8PM)Tue20:00 - 22:00DevSecOps DevSecOpsDavid Prince , Leila Raoriskobscurity agilextended@RiskObscurity @agilextendedcreate tweet
2Threat model academic research statusTue11:00 - 13:00Threat Modeling Threat ModelingSteven Wierckx , Koen Yskout , Kim Wuyts@yskout @wuytskicreate tweet
3Agile in Cybersecurity (9pm)Tue20:00 - 22:00DevSecOps DevSecOpsLeila Raoagilextended@agilextendedcreate tweet
4Lightning Talk - The Future of CNITue13:40 - 14:00Lightning Talks Lightning TalksDr Jacqui Taylordr-jacqui-taylor@jacquitaylorfbcreate tweet
5Keynote - Wardley MappingTue10:30 - 11:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsSimon Wardleysimonwardley@swardleycreate tweet
6How do I do it - Bring your own mapTue11:00 - 13:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsDinis Cruz , Mario Platt , Simon Wardley , Petra Vukmirovic , Tony Richards , Ben Schofielddiniscruz marioplatt simonwardley petravukmirovic tonyrichardsclas@DinisCruz @madplatt @swardley @PetraVuk1311 @_tony_richardscreate tweet
7Mapping cultureTue14:00 - 16:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsSimon Wardleysimonwardley@swardleycreate tweet
8Team Topologies & PST & Squads & TribesTue17:00 - 19:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsSimon Wardley , Dinis Cruz , Tony Richards , Luke Robbertsesimonwardley diniscruz tonyrichardsclas luke-robbertse-04116abb@swardley @DinisCruz @_tony_richards @LukeRobbertsecreate tweet
9Risk Mapping - Applying Risk overlay with maps and security decision makingTue20:00 - 22:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsAlan Jenkins , Avi Douglen , Ben Schofield , Simon Wardleyalanjenkins avidouglen simonwardley@aj66inuk @sec_tigger @swardleycreate tweet
10Lightning Talk- Cybersecurity: What history teaches usTue19:40 - 20:00Lightning Talks Lightning TalksNaina Bhattacharyacreate tweet
11Lightning Demo - Threatmodel tool demosTue13:00 - 13:30Threat Modeling Threat ModelingSteven Wierckx , Mike Goodwincreate tweet


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1Securely Handling Fonts in PDFs - Part 1Wed11:00 - 13:00Content Disarm & Reconstruction Content Disarm & ReconstructionElvin Whitecreate tweet
2Threatmodel tool demos - Wednesday AMWed11:00 - 13:00Threat Modeling Threat ModelingSteven Wierckx , Fraser Scott , Izar Tarandachizartarandach@zeroxten @izar_tcreate tweet
3Threatmodel tool demos - Wednesday PMWed14:00 - 16:00Threat Modeling Threat ModelingSteven Wierckx , Geoff Hill@ghill_securitycreate tweet
4Third Party AssuranceWed17:00 - 19:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementDidar Gelici , Alan Jenkins , Tony Richards , Demi Ben-Ari , Elad Shapiradidargelici alanjenkins tonyrichardsclas demibenari@DGelici @aj66inuk @_tony_richards @demibenaricreate tweet
59 PM - Netflix Party (TBD)Wed20:00 - 22:00Social SocialOpen Security Summitcreate tweet
6Keynote - Security from the CEO Point of view and Modern Team structuresWed10:30 - 11:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementDanny Lopezdannylopez1974@dannylopez_ukcreate tweet
7CEOs and CISOs roundtableWed11:00 - 13:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementDanny Lopez , Ante Gulam , Kevin Fielder , Dinis Cruzdannylopez1974 diniscruz@dannylopez_uk @ante_gulam @DinisCruzcreate tweet
8Who is the CISO? Nobody knowsWed14:00 - 16:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementAlan Jenkins , Dinis Cruz , Phil Huggins , Tony Richardsalanjenkins diniscruz huggins tonyrichardsclas@aj66inuk @DinisCruz @oracuk @_tony_richardscreate tweet
9Lightning Talk - Cybersecurity in M&A (a CISO's guide)Wed19:40 - 20:00Lightning Talks Lightning TalksPaul Harragancreate tweet


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1Threatmodel tool demos - Thursday PMThu14:00 - 16:00Threat Modeling Threat ModelingSteven Wierckx , Stuart Winter-Tear , Alex Bauert , Nikunj Nagaliastuart-stegopax-winter-tear@stegopaxcreate tweet
2Threatmodel tool demos-ThursdayThu11:00 - 13:00Threat Modeling Threat ModelingSteven Wierckx , Stephen De Vries@stephendvcreate tweet
3Wardley mapping dynamic sessionThu17:00 - 19:00Wardley Maps Wardley MapsAvi Douglen , Mario PLattavidouglen Mario PLatt@sec_tigger Mario PLattcreate tweet
4Keynote - Privacy by design at Covid Safe Paths AppThu10:30 - 11:00Covid CovidAdam Leon Smithadamleonsmith@adamleonsmithcreate tweet
5COVID Apps Threat ModelingThu20:00 - 22:00Covid CovidJakub Kaluznyjakubkaluzny@j_kaluznycreate tweet
6Multi-cloud Compliance as codeThu14:00 - 16:00Cloud Security Cloud SecurityDavid Princeriskobscurity@RiskObscuritycreate tweet
7Migration to CloudThu11:00 - 13:00Cloud Security Cloud SecurityDavid Princeriskobscurity@RiskObscuritycreate tweet
8Bakeoff - Anti-virus vs CDR vs SandboxingThu20:00 - 22:00Content Disarm & Reconstruction Content Disarm & ReconstructionPaul Burkecreate tweet
9Create common sets of files for CDR Testing and QAThu17:00 - 19:00Content Disarm & Reconstruction Content Disarm & ReconstructionMatt Green , Greg Manncreate tweet
10Security Labels for Covid AppsThu11:00 - 13:00Covid CovidAdam Leon Smith , Dinis Cruzadamleonsmith diniscruz@adamleonsmith @DinisCruzcreate tweet
11CDR Roundtable How to collaborate and increase adoptionThu14:00 - 16:00Content Disarm & Reconstruction Content Disarm & ReconstructionDinis Cruzdiniscruz@DinisCruzcreate tweet
12Risk & Error BudgetingThu20:00 - 22:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementOmer Levi Hevroni , Phil Huggins , Aaron Rinehartomerlh huggins Aaron Rinehart@omerlh @oracuk Aaron Rinehartcreate tweet
13NCSC - Exercise in a boxThu11:00 - 13:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementSteve O , Peter G , Joshua HSteve O Peter G Joshua HSteve O Peter G Joshua Hcreate tweet
14Open Information Security Risk Universe (OISRU)Thu14:00 - 16:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementPhil Huggins , Robin Oldham , Petra Vukmirovichuggins robinoldham petravukmirovic@oracuk @rto @PetraVuk1311create tweet
15Open control frameworks in Media and EntertainmentThu15:00 - 16:00Cloud Security Cloud SecurityBen Schofieldcreate tweet
16Lightning Talk - Startups: Security vs speed vs revenue, when all 3 are a priority!Thu19:40 - 20:00Lightning Talks Lightning TalksHaydn Brooks@riskledgercreate tweet


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1Sense making with Cynefin frameworkFri17:00 - 19:00Misc MiscMario Platt , Phil Hugginsmarioplatt huggins@madplatt @oracukcreate tweet
2What OWASP tools/projects we already have and what are we missing to deliver secure devops pipelinesFri14:00 - 16:00OWASP ASVS OWASP ASVSDaniel Cuthbert , Andrew van der Stockdaniel-cuthbert0x vanderaj@dcuthbert @vanderajcreate tweet
3Secure it at the source, frameworks and how to get them more secureFri11:00 - 13:00Misc MiscAndrew van der Stockvanderaj@vanderajcreate tweet
49:45 PM - OSS Closing Keynote at a virtual pub settingFri21:45 - 23:00Social SocialOpen Security Summitcreate tweet
5Post-mortem of the incident exerciseFri14:00 - 16:00Dynamic Sessions Dynamic SessionsDinis Cruz , Didar Gelici , Tony Richards , James Bore , Ben Schofielddiniscruz didargelici tonyrichardsclas jbore@DinisCruz @DGelici @_tony_richards @Coffee_Fueledcreate tweet
6Security Automation with Python Boto3 for AWS and PulumiFri20:00 - 22:00DevSecOps DevSecOpsPetra Vukmirovic , Tomas Pilvelispetravukmirovic Tomas Pilvelis@PetraVuk1311 Tomas Pilveliscreate tweet
7OSS user stories for all ASVS requirements that people can download and useFri11:00 - 13:00OWASP ASVS OWASP ASVSMario Plattmarioplatt@madplattcreate tweet
8Keynote - Jane Frankland InSecurityFri10:30 - 11:00CISO and Risk Management CISO and Risk ManagementJane Frankland@JaneFranklandcreate tweet
9Using OWASP at Covid Safe PathsFri17:00 - 19:00Covid CovidDinis Cruz , Adam Leon Smithdiniscruz adamleonsmith@DinisCruz @adamleonsmithcreate tweet
10Experience LeanInAgileFri20:00 - 22:00Social SocialLeila Raoagilextended@agilextendedcreate tweet
11Lightning Talk - DevSecOpsFri13:40 - 14:00Lightning Talks Lightning TalksImran A. Mohammedcreate tweet